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UNC Charlotte’s Data Science Initiative creates education, training, and research programs in data science and analytics, integrated with business and industry expertise. These interdisciplinary academic programs are developing a new generation of data scientists, business analysts, and managers with both the technical and business skills to transform data into smart, innovative business solutions.

Life revolves around prediction. We use it to plan our lives; businesses use it to enhance their productivity and competitiveness. With a DSI graduate degree, you can be the mind that sees the promise, transforms data into knowledge, and effects change.


Graduate Programs

Data Science and Business Analytics


UNC Charlotte offers a master's degree and a graduate certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics. Each is an interdisciplinary program comprised of academic courses in business, computer and information sciences, statistics, and operations research. DSBA graduates are well equipped for employment in a wide variety of data-intensive industries, such as financial services, energy, retail/supply chain, or healthcare, where the need for business analysts with quantitative, computational, and sophisticated analytical skills is growing at an explosive pace. 

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Health Informatics


UNC offers a master's degree and a graduate certificate in Health Informatics. These interdisciplinary programs were created in response to the regional need for trained professionals in health analytics and data science. Health Informaticians bridge the gap between the worlds of medicine and information technology looking for patterns in data that reveal best practices to improve healthcare.  This degree seekd to meet the the strong demand across the region for trained professionals in health analytics and data science, individuals who understand both the language of healthcare and of “Big Data.”

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Industry Advisory Boards: DSI Initiative

Each of the graduate education programs has advisory boards of industry leaders.  The programs are predicated on applied research and rely heavily on engagement from outside industry partners to guide curriculum, program research, and talent recruitment and placement.  Students enrolled in the master’s degree for both programs are required to complete an industry internship/practicum, rather than a traditional research thesis, as part of this philosophy of applied research.  Both the HI and DSBA depend on Advisory Boards composed of 12-16 senior level leaders who cut across industry sectors.  The mission for each of the advisory boards is to guide the academic programs’ development and growth and to anticipate and align each program with industry and community needs. 


Board Member Responsibilities
Members of the HI and DSBA Advisory Boards are appointed for two-year terms and can be reappointed for subsequent terms. The Advisory Boards meet formally 2-3 times annually.  Members of the board may be assigned to rotating subcommittees to address focus issues such as curriculum revision, student recruitment and placement, program research, board membership, and development.  In addition to the formal board planning sessions, members and their organizations may be asked to participate in panel discussions around industry topics, informal mentoring programs, and classroom presentations.

Current membership and bylaws for each board can be found on the program websites:


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UNC Charlotte's academic programs are designed for working adults with part- and full-time options.

DSI Information Sessions

Both the Health Informatics and the Data Science and Business Analytics programs offer regular face-to-face and online information sessions.  These sessions are for people interested in the Master's degree and/or the Graduate Certificate.   Topics covered include a brief overview of the application process, funding, and financial aid, as well as an open Q&A session.  Register today and learn more about our innovative academic programs, and how you can leverage your academic and professional experience.

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