DSI & PyData Charlotte MeetUp

December 5, 2019 - 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
UNC Charlotte Center City Room - 604


Topic: Invoke: How to be a @task Master

Speaker Bio: Over the last 20 years, Rob Helgeson has worked in many areas of technology, from support, networking, and infrastructure, to eCommerce, application development and systems architecture. Prior to moving into his current role in the areas of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Rob led Technology Innovation & R&D at American Tire Distributors. In his free time, he enjoys coding and digital painting.

Abstract: Python is a powerful language that's just as good at system administration tasks as it is at data analytics. If you're like me, you have tons of .py scripts all over the place for doing various repetitive jobs. Without any structured method of the organization behind those scripts, things quickly spin out of control. In this session, we will learn about Invoke, a Python library that helps us make our tools more accessible and manageable. We'll start from simple techniques that you can start using today, all the way to a more advanced installation using Invoke to help administer, build and deploy from a mono-repo with many applications.

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