Research Consortium

Through the Data Science Initiative (DSI), UNC Charlotte and our corporate partners have fully actualized the critical role of big data and digital science as a determining factor of competitive success of most every business. We are proud to be one of the first organizations to develop a comprehensive program that provides a talent pipeline and serves as an expert resource for continuing education and external research. UNC Charlotte offers the researchers and infrastructure for digital science innovation.

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The DSI Research Consortium

Research is fundamental to the mission of UNC Charlotte. With its colleges harnessing big data understanding, business acumen, and emerging technology, our university is poised to meet a broad spectrum of corporate research needs.

Partnerships for the Future

A $2.1 million research grant has positioned UNC Charlotte to be a national leader in fundamental and applied research in data science. As the lead in this industry-university consortium, UNC Charlotte is partnered with North CarolinaState University and UNC Chapel Hill to integrate academic research with business innovation, driven by real-world “Big Data” challenges.

UNC Charlotte is also partnering with The National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program, which features high-quality collaboration with industry on research, resulting in the direct transfer of university-developed ideas and technology into the marketplace. 

Our latest bragging right is SOPHI, a data lake repository that allows for cloud-based, collaborative research to bring promising ideas to market.  On the horizon is the new interdisciplinary Innovation Lab, a physical space for the university faculty and students to collaborate with industry in applied research.

The bottom line is the bottom line. UNC Charlotte has the faculty, researchers, and infrastructure for experiments in big data that will improve outcomes while increasing profit margins. 

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The System for Observation of Populous and Heterogeneous Information (SOPHI)

By enabling the timely ingestion, storage, discovery, and retrieval of large volumes of both structured and unstructured data in virtually any native format, SOPHI will enable DSI partners and associated users to maximize their data productivity. The rigorous controls placed on access to data will instill confidence in external partners that data resident in SOPHI is secure and protected. Similarly, the repository’s standardized procedures for data and process management will allow DSI practitioners to focus on research, free from the distractions of the overhead imposed by handling diverse datasets from a myriad of sources.

Research and Laboratories

We offer the talent, researchers, and infrastructure for experiments in Big Data: all in one lo

cation ("Data Lake") allowing for expandable research applications, knowledge, and insight not previously possible. The applications of data science are broad and far-reaching from a wide variety of sectors the ability to commissionUNC Charlotte to uncover the data required to turn knowledge into insights, and see what's possible for their organizations and beyond, in the new digital age

  • In the healthcare sector, a vast number of clinical records and public health data is critical to managing costs, reduce medical errors, and optimize treatment options.
  • In the retail sector, analytics can provide sophisticated insight into the timing and nature of purchasing decisions and provide insights into customer preferences and behavior.
  • In the financial services sector, large-scale data visualization can assist banks to identify money- laundering transactions and to manage better investment risks and opportunities.
  • In manufacturing, an automaker can use analytics and sensor data to monitor the repair performance of their vehicles in real time and take steps to reduce repeat repairs.