Talent Recruitment

Are you looking for talent to build your analytics team? The Data Science Initiative (DSI) works closely with industry partners to match our talent to your needs, including internship opportunities with current students and full-time employment with graduates. We work with interested employers to facilitate the recruitment of graduates from our Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) and Master of Science in Health Informatics degree programs.

Talent Recruitment

At its core, the mission of the Data Science Initiative is to develop and generate talent to meet market demand for professionals with domain expertise, a passion for data, deep analytical talents, and strong communication skills.

UNC Charlotte's graduate programs in Health Informatics (HI) and in Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) draw students from diverse backgrounds in health, retail, financial, supply chain and energy. The curriculum in both stresses applied research and problem solving, often with industry experts and practitioners leading the classes.  They are interdisciplinary degree programs drawing faculty talent from the Colleges of Business, Computing and Informatics, Health and Human Services and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Throughout their studies, students work in multidisciplinary teams that foster communication and leadership skills while also honing their technical and analytical expertise. The capstone for the master’s students is required industry internship/practicum.  During that practicum, students are immersed in the organizational culture and mentored by subject matter experts in the field. The intended product is a graduate with translational skills, experienced with data and analysis in multiple domains. 

Sponsor an Internship

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The internship is an opportunity for students to apply theories, ideas, principles, and skills learned in the classroom to a capstone project of problem-solving in practice.The practicum environment provides students in the Masters of Health Informatics and Data Science and Business Analytics practice, but also an opportunity to demonstrate their ability as Data Science professionals and contributing team members. For employers, this is an opportunity to evaluate potential job candidates in the real-world work environment, before offering permanent employment.  DSI students are actively seeking summer, fall and spring placements.

Recruit and Hire DSI Graduates

The DSI works closely with industry partners to match our talent to your needs. We can work with interested employers to advertise open positions and to facilitate the recruitment sessions with our Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) and Master of Science in Health Informatics degree programs. Please let us know how we can best work together to meet your company’s needs.

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